Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oh Refugee

Sung to the tune of 'Oh Christmas Tree'......

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee!

Thy kids are so flammable!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,
Thy wives are so combustible!

Not only violent when freedom's here,

But also when it's desert air!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee  ,
Thy wives are combustible!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,

Such terror you bring me!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,

Such spilling blood you bring me!

For every year this Refugee,

Brings to us such murder and mayhem!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee
Such sadness and hate do you bring me!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,

You'll ever be unchanging!

A symbol of evil and slavery

You'll ever be unchanging!

Each lucifer light,
Each sound of hell,
No one alive spreads hate so well

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,

You'll ever be unchanging!


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Taking Note of Current Music

I found myself whilst driving to my place of employment (yes, I still cling to such ideals as work) searching for anything on the radio beside the paid for play-by-play of college barbarism that masquerades as respectable educational news via football.

To my unexpected and yes delight (to the college crowd that means; did not know and enjoyed) I stumbled on the following. To all; take it as you may, which may be their intention, but I took it as a Christian and you may agree.

I know all who know me wonder why on Sunday? I say who cares what day.
Does it have to do with supposed refugees? No, No and No. That is Syria's issue.

Just listen (and watch),,,,

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Noting Another Aspect - Gore and Disaster

All who have a conscious understand and empathise with France, as I do, but I  am (and others) seeing another rather strange aspect to this.

The fact that wherever Albert Gore goes brings disaster.

His agenda is always and foremost HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE DISASTER !!!!!!

In the past where he was to address this fraud in his snake-oil fasion, well it snowed heavily, temperatures dropped well below freezing and in some instances made the POLAR caps GROW - too the point of ice-breaking ships being frozen in place.

Add to this that Pres. Obama and his ilk assure us the "overseas operatives" and "isolated events by radicals" are motivated by "global warming" (mind you terrorists are born in a fucking dessert).

Yet here we see Mr. Gore with his fucked up message airing in Paris, on time, for a 24 hour event (that apparently only liberals knew about beforehand) and then ,,,,,,BOOM!!!!!!

When oh when, will the world at large put Gore out to pasture?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Travelers Now Rule...Take Note

McConnell (Senate Majority Leader), Ryan  (House Speaker) and McCarthy (House Maj. Whip).

Irish Trifecta essentially.

Now why would I, being of Irish heritage myself, be concerned?

Well first all are Roman Catholic, at least proclaimed and currently led by a Marxist, and second , although not mentioned  much crime-wise are the Travelers (Irish Proper and heritage). The latter group is of a nature not unlike the Vatican, but more petty, random and lethal -  wise to look into and study them so as to avoid.

By noting this, I will say ado now as danger is now present,,,take note and God Bless.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Short But ,,,,Think (CNBC Debate)

When Kasich says " I agree with Jeb,,,,,why not give incentives to people to keep them healthy" means in government speak,,,'Why not TAX people more of what they like or enjoy, thus take away what these lemmings call freedom'.

Short But Sweet (On Debate)

I would welcome all, but Bush and Kasich, to head our to be open Executive Office. 

It matters not who occupies the Oval Office, but rather they ALL are included.

CNBC Can go to hell.