Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ted Cruz

All I can say at this point is that I have to support Ted Cruz for the RNC nomination and then of course our next POTUS.

To me this is basically a no-brainer considering his near 100% conservative record, but to boil it down, well Mr. Tony Perkins did that for me. It is not Tony who swayed me as that was earlier, but rather his reasons for supporting Ted are the very same and simple as mine:

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Poem

We are a time, without time
Say we run out of time, before time runs out

We are at war, without war
Say we run out of war, before war runs us out

Shall we see peace, without peace
Say we run out of ,,,,,,we have run out..

The storied times of man, without guidance although there.
Without guidance we run bare

What was will be again, say ten fold
Most who know of this are as well of old

Misery is a game unbiased and unleashed by evil
Those who dabble with it know of its upheaval

May we guard against such people for their intentions
History shows what occurs should we not pay attention.

CB, 12/15

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oh Refugee

Sung to the tune of 'Oh Christmas Tree'......

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee!

Thy kids are so flammable!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,
Thy wives are so combustible!

Not only violent when freedom's here,

But also when it's desert air!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee  ,
Thy wives are combustible!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,

Such terror you bring me!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,

Such spilling blood you bring me!

For every year this Refugee,

Brings to us such murder and mayhem!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee
Such sadness and hate do you bring me!

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,

You'll ever be unchanging!

A symbol of evil and slavery

You'll ever be unchanging!

Each lucifer light,
Each sound of hell,
No one alive spreads hate so well

Oh Refugee, Oh Refugee,

You'll ever be unchanging!


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Taking Note of Current Music

I found myself whilst driving to my place of employment (yes, I still cling to such ideals as work) searching for anything on the radio beside the paid for play-by-play of college barbarism that masquerades as respectable educational news via football.

To my unexpected and yes delight (to the college crowd that means; did not know and enjoyed) I stumbled on the following. To all; take it as you may, which may be their intention, but I took it as a Christian and you may agree.

I know all who know me wonder why on Sunday? I say who cares what day.
Does it have to do with supposed refugees? No, No and No. That is Syria's issue.

Just listen (and watch),,,,