Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Selective Revulsion

CNN - Two brothers previously jailed in connection with cannibalism and then released have been arrested again after police discovered a child's severed head at their home in a remote village in northwest Pakistan.,,,,,,
,,,,,With no explicit law on cannibalism in Pakistan, the two men were convicted of desecrating a dead body and other public order offenses in a case that provoked widespread revulsion across Pakistan, according to CNN affiliate Geo TV.

 ",,,offenses in a case that provoked widespread revulsion across Pakistan"

This excerpt or the article in whole offers no proof of such "widespread revulsion" but if true, I see Pakistanis only adhering to part of what it is to be human while rejoicing in other acts of human mutilation such as beheading.
One wonders if they, the Pakistanis, would have felt the same revulsion had the since deceased cuisine been Christian or Caucasian or both?
By the by, it was not long ago in Syria that one of Obamas "freedom fighters", of the cult of islam, that took a bite out of a human heart for the world to see. The revulsion shown from the West (especially from the right in the U.S.) was clearly evident but I do not remember the same from the Middle East nor that of the left here in the U.S.
Maybe a new line of study is required in the world of psychiatry; 'Selective Revulsion'

Monday, January 13, 2014

Wake Me Up,,,Irish --- Monday Fun

You may know the song but, in Gaelic? This is too fun in respect to talent, language, visuals, me being of Irish heritage and the idea of collaboration - on the right -  of which is most desirable and vital this year:

Here is yet another example of all of the above and even a tad more fun,,,

Granted I am having fun with showcasing an ancient language of which I am fond, but the work, creativity and dedication to the outcome is what I truly admire. 

These works are to be celebrated, congratulated, admired and yes emulated, as to what we can do on the right,,,if we do it right.

Have a great Monday and wake me up American,,,,,Canadian,,,,,Irish,,,,,no hyphens please, first is first


Friday, December 27, 2013

"Obama is Responsible for This"

One could not be more honest, note the 00:52 second mark:

I am not one for all these new phones but they sure do come in handy at times.

CNBC Said What?

"It was the gift that kept on giving: The disastrous roll-out of the health-insurance exchanges provided daily fodder for Republican opponents of Obamacare. And the dire state of U.S. health care, coupled with a headlong rush by people to get health insurance, gave Democrats ample opportunity to say "we told you so.",,,

These people (CNBC and democrats in general) have what would be described, by definition, as audacity. Or should I say complete insanity.

The very thought of that line being attributed to the party that said we "had to pass this monstrosity to find out what is in it" is well an actual suspension of disbelief.

News, let alone business news, my ass.